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Recently I read an article on the Runner’s World website that talked about how volatile it is to compare ourselves to others.  The author saw a quote that read: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  While reading this article, I realized how much I compare myself to others and how it isn’t doing anything to boost my self confidence.  Then I thought about it more and realized that for every time I think something positive about someone else and compare myself to them, there also could be something positive said about me, about how I can do something better than that person.

I think of my one friend who is super fashionable and who always seems to have perfect hair (which I constantly envy).  Then I thought to myself, well those things are great, but can she run a half marathon like I did?

Another one of my friends is really outgoing and can make friends instantly.  Then I thought, can she get through all the engineering courses I did?

Another friend is very thin and has been that way for years.  To which I think, can she cook and bake like I can? 

The point is, we all have good qualities, and not so great qualities.  We shouldn’t focus on what other people are better than us at, but focus on what we are good at and what we want to do with our lives.  Could I own really fashionable clothes?  Yes, but I have an irrational fear of spending large amounts of money.  Could I have perfect hair all the time?  Yes, but frankly, I value sleep more than waking up early and getting myself ready.  No one can be perfect all the time and accepting our shortcomings is a huge step forward in accepting ourselves.


Apples and popcorn: what can I say about these two glorious foods.  I love them so much, that I’m pretty sure I can live on just the two of them for my entire life and not get tired of them.  My friends also know how much I love these two.  It’s a rare day when I have neither of these items and it happens WAY more often than not when I have both of them. 

For my 21st birthday, my friends made me a sign I had to wear around my neck with 21 things to do by the end of the night (and I finished!).  They think my love of popcorn and apples is pretty amusing so one of the things on the list was to “have a serious conversation with someone about apples and popcorn.”  Let me just start out by saying there were also more fun, exciting things on the list so you don’t think I’m lame (aka, rub a bald man’s head, sing to stranger, photobomb a stranger’s picture, get the whole bar to sing you happy birthday, etc.).  I tried to start this conversation on early in the night, but some of my other friends weren’t going to bite–they wanted me to have to work for getting this box checked off on my sign.  Anyways, I later on told a friend about the abundant benefits of apples and popcorn and decided to share a few with you.  

Benefits of apples

1. They’re the perfect snack!  Just around 100 calories.

2. The skin has fiber to help you feeling full.

3. The middle has a lot of water, so it helps you reach the daily requirement for water consumption.

4. They’re healthy.  I mean they’re a fruit, c’mon.  I choose not to listen to those who say fruit isn’t that great because it’s filled with sugar.  After all, isn’t it better to have an apple than a bag of chips?

5. There’s variety!  First of all there are three colors: green, yellow, and red.  Then, within red there are at least 10 different varieties that can be crunchier or softer.

 Are you craving an apple yet?

Benefits of popcorn

Let me start out by saying that I’m not taking about store-bought microwave popcorn.  I’m taking about popcorn you either pop on the stove, air pop, or stick in a brown paper bag on your own.

1. Once again, the perfect snack!  When do pop it yourself, you control how much butter, salt, etc. goes in, so it can actually be pretty healthy.

2.  It has antioxidants? I have to admit, I don’t really know the science behind this claim, but it’s been popping all over the media lately.  Because I was already a big popcorn eater, I didn’t feel the need to read about the antioxidants in popcorn because I was already obsessed with it and didn’t need any convincing.

3.  Also once again, it has fiber to keep you feeling full.

4.  You can customize it.  You can add salt, seasoning, flavored butter, sugar, the list goes on!  Any way you want it: plain, buttery, sugary, spicy…

5.  It’s cheap.  Have you ever looked at how much is costs to buy just the kernels and pop it on your own?  Probably 10% of what it costs to buy microwave popcorn.

Do you really need any more convincing?

What do you love about apples and/or popcorn?

What’s your favorite snack?

Is anyone else suffering from the problem of having too many resolutions to keep?  The problem is, I currently have so many, that it’s getting to be unrealistic to keep all of them.  Should I ditch one?  Should I try to meet all of them half way?  Advice on the issue would be fabulous.

My current resolutions are:

Be able to do the splits by the end of summer

No more pop/soda

Run 40 miles a month


I recently started my first 40 hour a week job and it’s taking an energy toll on me more than I thought.  I love cooking, and that’s become less of a priority, which is bumming me out.  Not to mention the fact that I’m trying to keep all these resolutions!  My running one is going alright so far, but then again, I’m only 6 days into the month.  The splits goal has definitely gone by the wayside–I haven’t done the stretches since that first time!  The pop resolution is so-so.  I’ve definitely cut down, but find myself unable to resist at family functions–which this summer is filled with.  I have cutdown though, so I definitely consider that a success.

I guess my big question is: should I ditch a resolution (most likely doing the splits and becoming more flexible) so I don’t set myself up for failure?  or should I just suck it up and put the time in even if I don’t feel like it after a long day.