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Earlier this summer I made a resolution that I would run 40 miles in the month of June.  It started out really well, but by the end of the month, the Chicago heat wave made running outside a real struggle, especially since I’m not a morning person and have zero motivation or energy to wake up and run before work.

Since I started out strong, this meant I only needed to run seven miles during the last month to complete my goal–which was extremely helpful considering I planned and threw a 50th birthday surprise party for my mom this past Saturday and I had other priorities than going out and running in 95 degree heat.

I found myself on a treadmill I think three times this month, which always proves to be a source of struggle for me, but my last run of the month, which happened to be on a treadmill, went really well!  I think the air conditioning and lack of humidity really helped my breathing.

This month, I have already thought of my new goal: 50 miles of cardio activity.  Since I will probably be inside a lot more this month, I want to expand my goal to include the elliptical (and possibly/probably the bike).  This way, I won’t make myself crazy running on a treadmill all the time and will be able to switch up workouts.  Since I find the elliptical a lot easier (and I can also bike a lot faster than I can run), I increased the mileage.  Also, since I completed 40, why not add some more?


Do you have a resolution for July?

How do you push yourself to reach your fitness/health goals?